Butlins Skegness 29/10/1998

Butlins Skegness 29/10/1998


Bit of a nightmare for some of those coming by road to Skegness. With some people spending 6 hours in the car. When they arrived, they probably thought everybody in Butlins was drunk. The average Butlin's goer certainly seemed to have a raging thirst. So needless to say when in Rome! The first night we saw Gary Grifter and the Grifter Band. The lead singer had taken his role to heart and had put on a few pounds to emulate The Leader. We then moved on to watch Bad Manners at a different venue. This performance culminated in a stage invasion led by yours truly when the Can Can was played for the finale. After this we finished the night in Jak's bar.


Up about midday and of to the pool the highlight of which was the Space Bowl. This seemed to be a simulator for being flushed down the toilet. A few people returned for the evening session to brave the Master Blaster that was even better. The evening was very interesting with nearly everyone from London North wearing fancy dress. Brotherhood of Man and Paper Lace were the main bands that night, it seemed their ability improved with the amount of alcohol consumed.


A bit more of a sporty day with Steve organising Football, Volleyball and Table Tennis. I had to leave in the evening but a number of people stayed till Monday and saw some more bands.