Fitness Weekend 27/11/98 - 29/11/98

Fitness Weekend 27/11/98 - 29/11/98


Again quite a long journey by car for some people due to bad traffic or due to dicing with death in Amanda's case. Nearly everyone had arrived by 10pm, and so we set off to get fit...down the nightclub, as you would. At first it seemed impossible to get to the bar to get served, but when one of the fitness instructors got on stage and stripped to his spangley shorts, that left the bar free for the handful of men in the room. After much dancing we retired to a chalet for a party till about 3am.


Some people started their fitness regimes very early. I preferred a more leisurely start, and eventually got around to playing some tennis, before going down to a beach for a long run along the sand. This set me up nicely for another night of aerobics on the dance floor, the highlight of which was Spice North's attempt to recreate Grease the musical on the dancefloor.


Again I preferred the option of Tennis and a run along the beach to the arranged activities. I did however regret not bringing my swimming trunks as I could have taken part in the swimming race in the pool.