Pub Golf (16th October 1999)

A very good turnout for this event. We all met at the Pendralls oak Pub at High Holborn. The challenge was to visit 9 pubs each one representing a hole at golf. At each pub we attempted to drink a half a pint of beer in the least possible gulps. If you downed the drink in one it would count as a hole in one. At various pubs there were extra challenges such as having to drink the half through a straw or whilst on one leg.

Perhaps foolishly, Phil and myself decided to drink an extra half at each pub, so by about 5.30pm when it was time for the play off, we had both consumed 9 pints. The decider was to drink a bottle of Moscow mule in the shortest possible time. I lost, but only by a fraction of a second. So a very good day was had by all.