La Santa October 2000

This was my first time at La Santa and I certainly was not dissapointed. The sports available were vast, I personally did Mountain Biking, handball, beach volleyball, table tennis, Unihoc, basketball, Badmington, Crazy Golf and a number of the organised runs in the morning. There were probably as many again that I could have done including Scuba diving, surfing etc.

I think my favourite was the beach volleyball, it was so nice to be able to dive everywhere without pads. As Spice people we also got extra benefit compared to normal guests as there were over 100 of us so we always had Steve organising Social sports on the beach and in the bar.

The disco was always open late and served a particularly good Al Bundy cocktail and the weather was very warm without the sun ever getting scorching. I managed to avoid major injury, and major sleep after the first day when I overdid the local alcohol. I will certainly be back next year.