Mountain Biking 11/11/2000

The Quantock Hills and the Plough Inn at Holford were the venue for this weekends mountain biking. Our Host at the Plough certainly did his best to make us welcome and we made good use of our residents status in the evenings. Whilst the facilities were fine, the weather left a little to be desired. The first day it rained quite a lot which made some of the routes more difficult than they would have been.

Mud and water were very much the order of the day. I managed to avoid them for a while when I decided to part company with my bike and go for a short flight. The landing was a bit rough, but it was obvious that it wasn't my day when John Yung ran over me and then I got hit by my bike that had also taken a short flight. I was feeling very lucky to cycle away from the incident with just a blood stained knee. However although I managed to continue till lunchtime, the stop meant my knee stiffened up badly and it was impossible to bend it enough to cycle on. I had enough movement left to run and so did just that with my bike up and over the coombe back to Holford.

I will certainly be going back to the Quantocks hopefully when it is drier as some of the descents were miles long and would have been really great with a bit more traction and both legs working. Luckily an inability to bend my knee didn't hamper my drinking ability in the evening, and my quiz team were just pipped by a point.

The next day my leg was still very bad and so I had to miss the day's biking which was a shame as the weather was fine.