Pub Golf 21/10/2000

Greenwhich was the venue for this sporting challenge. We met in the pub by the station for a 2pm start and were presented with a very comprehensive list of rules and a golf questionnaire. Most of the time the competition was straightforward, if you drank your pint down in one you took one shot for that hole (pub).

Adrian was an early leader as I inadvertantly went to the toilet thinking the contest had not started and was penalised. But I continued to sink my pints in one and Adrian fell by the wayside having taken nearly 15 minutes to drink his pint down in one. Eventually Myself and Michael were out in the lead and about pint 7 I gained some bonus points by actually drinking my pint in one through a straw whilst standing on my head.

This lead to a couple of inconclusive tie-breaks before I took the title on a final pint of Guiness in 16secs. I then retired to be incomprehensible in the curry house. Luckily I jumped up fighting fit without a hangover next day to go to the church, but that is another story that shall not grace these web pages