Spice (South) Archery (12th May 2001)

Spice (South) Field Archery (12th May 2001)

What a gorgeous day to be outside. Sunburn was on the agenda for this event, We met at Oaklands farm near Chobham and had a comprehensive instruction period that even included the history of archery. After a little bit of practice were myself and Chor did our best to pop ballons on a target, we set off to the field and had at the rubber animals.

A very close competition between myself and Chor(what would you expect) saw myself kill more little rubber animals in the long run. We were quite quick in our round, and got to go round again, being a bit more bloodthirsty this time, by aiming for the animals heads. We also practised on the flu-flu arrows, you fired these into the air and tried to get them to drop onto a target on the floor.

Of course afterwards we went down the pub, but could only have diet coke as I drove there.