Spice (North) Centre Parcs (8th June 2001)

Spice (North) Centre Parcs (8th June 2001)

Time once again for a trip to Centre Parcs. This National Spice event was in the Sherwood forest centre. As well as the usual Beach Volleyball, Tennis, bowling and mountain biking that I normally do, Spice had organised a number of off-site activities. I did not take part in any, as the normal ones are strenous enough, but I heard good reports from those that did.

As usual the party was excellent with everyone making a big effort in the fancy dress. I could have taken twice as many photo's as I did.

This left me a bit the worse for wear on Sunday morning, even the game of bridge with Steve, Sarah and Lucy was hard work. But at least I didn't have John Yungs alarm call to deal with.

Ended the weekend with a nice meal in the restaurant, which must have pleased Lucy to see me eat something substantial