The Donkey Show 23/02/2001

What terrible timing, I was waiting to get my camera back from the repairers so I was unable to take any pictures of the nights proceedings. We met S in the Slug and Lettuce for a quick drink and then off to the Hanover Grand. The show actually started outside the place as characters from the show talked to the queue. Inside it was just like a disco with two levels and the action taking place on both of them. Another good feature was that the bar was open during the performance, and you could still keep an eye on the show while being served.

The music of the seventies certainly added to the performance and kept the energy level high, though I must say I'm not quite sure I grasped the plot (what's new there). I was also very impressed by Titania's trained butterflies that never forsook their precarious perch. I'm sure the ladies were similarly impressed by the fairies. After the show had finished the place became a Disco proper, and we had a quick boogie until the next sitting was due.

I was quite keen for a bit more boogieing, but the general consensus settled on Pizza Express after the show.