Spice La Santa Holiday (October 2001)

Spice La Santa (October 2001)

Off to La santa again this year for 2 weeks. Transfer went smoothly and we were straight down the Green bar when we got there. Start as you mean to go on I say. Whilst before I went I had good plans to take it easy on drinking the first week, I don't think it quite happened.

Quite busy sporting wise the first week though, went mountain biking with Miles, Angela was in need of the rubber ring after that one, also did the triathlon, but didn't do so well the first week had to rest after each length of the pool, did much better the second week after some training from Angela.

Got quite a bit of road biking in, made it all the way to El Golfo one day, also played beach volleyball most days and managed to win the beach volleyball competition against the germans, with Miles, Andy and Martin in my team. Played a lot of Badmington as well, almost figured out what I was doing. Even managed to stand up a number of times while surfing.

Of course I did not neglect the social side of my holiday and the 2nd week saw myself and Sarah celebrating our birthdays, we started with drinks in Sarah's flat, then down to a big table in the La Casa. Miles and Robin were very generous and bought us all champagne and the waiters had cakes for us both. Off then to the green bar and the disco, after the disco finished a few of us stayed up, and myself Matthew and Rob made it to breakfast at 7.30am before playing tennis at 9.30am. We managed to keep going by sipping on that lanzarotte energy drink, Sangria.