Spice (North) Preseli Adventure 7-9th September 2001

Spice (North) Preseli Adventure 7-9th September 2001

Myself and Stuey travelled down during the day, and got on our bikes when we got to Preseli for a little excursion to an extinct volcano. We weren't out for long, and when we got back we met Matthew who was just arriving back from a bikeride of his own. Made good use of the inhouse beer and pool table Katherine and Angela arrived shortly and joined in our game. Rather than go to the local pub we thought we would wait for Jo , Suzanne and Henrietta. fortunately I was the last one awake when they arrived at 3am.

A few hours sleep though and we jumped up for sea kayaking. This time the sea was quite rough, this made the canoeing tougher and more exciting. Stuey looked a bit green around the gills but kept his breakfast down, Matthew also had an encounter with a reef that necessitated a trip to casualty later.

Coasteering in the afternoon was good, with a few memorable plunges into a flooded quarry after a cruelling day of being sucked off the rocks by the sea. Down the local pub this time for a few drinks with Angela and her pussy, before wending our way back to the center for a few games of gargle.

Up the next day and off to a multi-activity centre for myself, Angela, Stuey and Matthew, we shot clay pigeons, air rifles, bows. We drove go-karts and spinny boats and practised softball and golf all for about 12.