Preseli venture weekend 19/05/2001

Preseli venture weekend 19/05/2001

Once more I had very good luck with the Wales weather. Myself and Chor set off early on Friday and met Matthew at the off road Mountain Bike centre at junction 40 of the M4. A strenuous ride ensued, and Chor had a little bit of a mishap but fortunately not enough to hamper the rest of the weekend.

On then to the Preseli centre and then as you might expect a little stroll to the local pub ensued, where we tested our brains against the local millionaire machine, our skill against the locals at pool, and our livers against the National Ale of Wales.

Back to the centre then and more pool and drinking till about 4am. Jumped up at 9am and into a wetsuit for the coasteering. It was certainly warmer than the last time we tried this so that was good. Though I think the chaps on the stag night that accompanied us around, were struggling a bit.

After our lunch I set off for a self guided bike ride with a small group, though I managed to lose some of my charges, and did get waylaid by a couple of pubs. So not quite as challenging as the last time we were at Preseli, but then we didn't have the option of any off-road riding due to F&M.

In the evening we left the pub to the stag night fellows and made our own entertainment at the centre, which included numerous games of pool, and a jolly nice time spent around a roaring bonfire.

I made sure to get an early night(about 4am) so I would be fit for the Kayaking. Just as well as we managed to go quite a distance in the Kayaks, excellent weather for this event as well, as you don't often see such a calm sea. A bonus was we were also able to spot a seal on our trip.