Spice SWAT training (23rd June 2001)

Spice SWAT training (23rd June 2001)

Myself and Aidan jumped up bright and early after Monopoly night to start out at 6am on our trip to Nottingham for the day. We arrived in plenty of time and were greeted by the Men In Black our hosts for the day. Professional hosts they turned out to be as well. We were presented with a bewildering away of replica machine guns and shotguns which fired plastic pellets, and lots of realistic looking SWAT team kit.

The clothing and masks were useful as the plastic bullets had a bit of a sting if they contacted uncovered flesh. This certainly made you keep your head down and added to the realism. We were shown techniques on entering rooms, and moving in "stealth" mode, then we were given our first mission,

We had to clear a large deserted office building of terroists. We were split into 4 teams, myself and Aidan were in "Charlie" team, and we got one third of the buiding to sweep for terroists. The terroists were always the 4th team, so they did have a numerical disadvantage each time, but could pick their cover as they would normally be in place.

The first mission went well, and the terroists were eliminated, and so did the second mission. Then it was Charlie teams turn to be terroists. We kitted up in skimasks and camo jackets and loaded up with serious weaponary and took up positions. We had two hostages, the SWAT teams were to break in rescue the hostages and leave before reinforcements arrived in 30 minutes.

After a hard fought battle the SWAT teams were unable to leave the building and the hostages had been killed, so it was a win for the terroists, Just myself and our team leader Caroline were left alive, but from being outnumbered 3-1, the SWAT team only had 3 people left alive and they were trapped and unable to escape the building, so a very satisfying victory.

The last game of the day involved wearing full biological and chemical gear that included working gas masks. We had to enter the building find 3 suspect devices and eliminate the terroists so bomb disposal teams could come in and disarm the devices within 30 mins.

It was very warm in those suits, and quite eerie to hear yourself breathing so hard,it didn't make it easier that it was such a warm day, and of course you had difficulty hearing the orders from your comrades.

We had some difficulty initially finding the devices which were heavily guarded, but once found we managed to obliterate the terroists before the deadline, so all in all "Charlie" team had a 100% success rate, and certainly a great if tiring day out.