Spice (East Midlands) Adrenaline weekend (16-17th March 2002)

Spice (East Midlands) Adrenaline weekend 16/03/2002

Had the day off on Friday so went up early for this weekend and stopped off in Nottingham to try out their climbing wall. It was a good wall, but if you intend to find it don't try looking for the A6514.

This also left me plenty of time to get down the pub for 5.30pm. They also had an offer that meant if you drank 8 pints of Kimberley ale you would get one free, so we had to try for it didn't we. Probably would have been just about doable if I had had something to eat with the others.

Bit blurry the next morning and Chor looked particularly unwell till the quad biking got the blood flowing. The karting was particularly good fun in the afternoon with a big track and twin engined karts. Angela got the second fastest time of the day well ahead of me in 3rd. We had a carvery in the evening and there was a karaoke opportunity, but the locals had a different musical taste to ourselves. Gordon hosted a party for us in his house which was good but meant for late night again.

Paintballing in the morning was great. Plenty of games and I managed to avoid getting shot the whole day. Finished the weekend with a hovercraft ride, tricky to do but it was possible after a few goes.