Spice (North) Center Parcs 7-9/06/2002

Spice (North) Center Parcs 7-9/06/2002

John & Stuey's little dip - 2MB

My umpteenth trip to center parcs started off on a high note as England had just beaten Argentina 1-0 in the world cup. They even repeated the match on the big screen in the venue before the disco on Friday night, were needless to say we were treated to a number of football songs throughout the night.

Quite a lot of activities were organised on the Saturday including high and low rope courses, which were new, and a series of schools sports matchs. Of course the school disco on the saturday night was well attended and john and Stuey made a wonderfull pair of schoolgirls.

Up early on Sunday morning but after a good game of Unihoc it started to rain during the tennis and so we knocked five-a-side and volleyball on the head.