La Santa 10/10/2002


Bit of a shock to the system having to rise at 3am to get to gatwick for our flight. So of course myself and Stuey had to have a drink in the airport bar at 6.15am, purely to facilitate sleeping on the airplane of course.

We arrived at Arrecife to find there was a coach driver strike and a mile long queue for taxi's. Luckily, myself and Stuey had been brave enough to wear our lovely peach coloured Spice tee-shirts, the green team sorted us out, and we sidestepped the whole queue and were whisked in our taxi to La Santa in double quick time.

This enabled me to get in the badmington tournament, go for a swim, and play beach volleyball, before off down the green bar and the disco. Friday was more leisurely didn't manage to make tennis put played some badmington and had a very good volleyball game before donning the traditional grass skirt for welcome drinks and the beach BBQ. Where again we managed to be right at the front of a very long queue. The disco was extremely packed this night.

Saturday saw a run around la Santa and some work on the treadmill in preparation for the triathlon. In the evening we skipped the quiz, but as a person with a birthday I got free cocktails. Goes without saying it was quite a late night. Sunday was social volleyball, Myself and Rob formed the Sand Devils, with 3 German women who were better than most blokes, and a Danish chap. We were undefeated throughout the tournamnet but didn't emerge winners because of an obscure scoring system.

Sunday saw a quite night really as there is no disco. Myself and Stuey drank mostly coke as we were both suffering a bit from La Santa throat.

Monday morning saw my throat more painful than before, but I did join the others for the big Spice photo shoot on the beach in the wonderful tee-shirts and watched Stuey lose at cycling to Lucy. I had a ride myself in the afternoon then a mad time when we played football, volleyball and Handball in quick succession. There was a mix up in the bar that night on the two for one offer which saw myself and Rob receiving 14pints between us. So we magnanimously gave some away as we had already been drinking at the sports bar whilst missing the green team show.

Tuesday, bit stiff today but a relatively quite day thankfully with just beach volleyball to concern myself with before the trip to puerto del carmen. The trip was interesting, had a meal at the Harley rock cafe which was a bit like a kebab and stuey was nearly set alight by a waitress bringing cocktails with sparklers in them. The band Question was quite good, but I ducked out after a while and went for a pubcrawl up the road with Tony and Christina and a few other guys. It was a good laugh and the bars were certainly busy for a Tuesday night very reluctant to leave at 1.30am.

Wednesday, up early for the triathlon despite my late night and sore throat I managed to do very well in the mini-triathlon again breaking the hour and coming in third man. Sarah came in third lady by a few yards and Rob and Steve followed her a little while later. The afternoon saw a trip to the Aquapark. We did all the rides which were pretty fast and I particularly liked the darkened one. They also had a bouncy ride which me and Stuey went on. It was pretty scarey at first, as you bounce pretty high, but by the end I was somersalting back and forward with ease.

Nighttime saw a trip to Puerto Del Carmen after we had been presented with our various medals. The Taxi fair was cheap split between me, Tony and Christina and the trip took about 20mins. We popped in and out of bars taking advantage of all the offers to entice us in, such as two for one drinks and free shots. We finally ended up at Ceaser's at 2am which was by far the most impressive club we had been too, and myself and Tony were disappointed to leave at 4am, however we did find the La Santa disco open when we got back though no Spice people were in it. Thursday: Doh! bit of a struggle catching the 9am coach home.