Spice (North) Turkey (10-17th June 2002)

Spice (North) Turkey (10-17th June 2002)

Very tired after coming straight from Center Parcs and then needing to be at gatwick at 4am on Monday morning. The large jet we were on was very difficult to sleep on as well, But it was worth it to leave the cold and wet of England to arrive in 30 degree heat in Turkey. So then it was off to the bar by the pool and thats pretty much were we stayed for the rest of the day. Apart from going to the restaurant to consume the free wine provided with the meal. Later on we inevitably switched to cocktails, the swharzenegger was a particularly big hit.

Tuesday actually saw particpation in some sporting activity, first a quick warm up by watching the Ireland match then a game of volleyball, and a couple of games of tennis. Afer the meal soulmates was played in the bar were jenny got matched with "Speedo", and then we went across to the very atmospheric bar across from the camp which we finally left at about 4.30am after consuming some excellent chips.

Wednesday saw an early start unfortunately, for the england game at 9.30am. Unfortunately a rather disappointing 0-0 draw but enough to see us through and Argentina out of the competition. After a bit of a rest it was time for volleyball, and then I climbed to the top of the hill behind the complex to get some pictures, cutting my legs to shreds in the process.

We met in Marion and Jo's chalet for pre-meal drinks and after dinner the hotel laid on some highland dancing, Rob and Mike proved quite adept at the Gay Gordon. We also celebrated Dave's birthday and continued to do so down Pito's bar till the early hours.

Thursday was a bit of a late start for me, but I did manage to get in some volleybal and a run. With he help of John Yung the guests beat the staff quite comprehensively. In the evening we were treated to some traditional Turkish food being prepared for us in the restaurant and the theme continued with some traditional turkish dancing and some belly dancing later at the bar.

Friday saw a very early start as we boarded the minibus for Ephesus, it was a long drive but the sight was impressive and the guide was very knowledgeable. The lunch and breakfast stops gave us another opportunity to sample local delicacies.

Back to the complex and just time to wash and change before starting all over again. At 11pm we borded a coach and set off for Bodrum and a floating nightclub. The glass bottom dancefloor was particularly impressive. There was also some local entertainment, whilst not belly dancing it did seem to involve a lot of body parts on display.

We managed to leave and get back about 4am, Bodrum seemed to be mostly still awake as we left. I even saw an opticians fairly full at close to midnight.

Saturday saw a very late start for me, I caught the England match and watched our 3-0 defeat of Denmark, and then played volleyball mostly with the staff. After dinner we took a trip to Bodrum again for the crazy foam party at the outdoor disco. Myself and Jenny had to track down a cash point and stopped off for a drink in the Red Lion pub where they were showing Big Brother live.

Again we were treated to a floor show before the foam rained down in very impressive quantities. Afterwards we trooped back a bit damp to Pito's to dry ourselves in front of their fire.

Sunday saw another late start, but managed to catch the nailbiting Ireland versus Spain match, and also a nailbiting volleyball match against the staff, which saw us narrowly defeat them.

The staff put on another impressive display with flaming swords in the restaurant and after dinner the weeks prizes were awarded. The final night was a very late one, and I had a last minute rush to the coach in the morning after waking late.