Wyboston Watersport's 28/07/2002

A surprisingly quick trip up the A1 and Wyboston watersports was just close to a junction which made it easy to find. It was a wonderfully warm day which meant we got to wear short wet suits for the day.

Jet bike's were the first order of the day and I got warned a number of times for going to fast, driving recklessly and catching up the person in front, so all good fun.

Water ski-ing next I hadn't skied behind a boat before but the cable tow's were obviously useful as I got it on the second attempt.

The banana boat was tiring but a certain combination of us on the boat proved rather successful, unfortunately it seemed to be deflating so it got harder as the session went on.

lastly and probably the hardest thing to do was the jet ski's. It took quite a few attempts and some spectacular falls to get to my feet, but once on my feet I was relatively stable.