Center Parcs 27/06/2003

Center Parcs 27/06/2003

Off to Center Parcs again this time via Alton Towers to celebrate Stuey's birthday. Unfortunately I forgot the camera for Alton Towers, but if it had survived the drenching it would have recorded, Angela, Linda and Albert getting as wet as Stuey and me.

Still it was not too cold once I had a ridiculous Center Parcs poncho on. We went on the Hex ride which was fun and did the wet rides without getting noticeably wetter unfortunately the queques for nemesis and Air were not shortened by the weather and we had to give up on them, off then to center parcs, and I dropped Linda off at her villa and joined, Stuey, Toni, Andy, Anita and Claire in my own chalet before heading over to Lisa's for the welcome meet.

Off then to the venue were we danced till 1.30am. Years of experience made sure I didn't book any events till late the next morning, managed to fit in Unihoc, tennis, swimming, and volleyball though. Time then to change for the fancy dress I didn't want to go to the uniforms party in a run of the mill costume, so I had a costume that was cyclops in the X-men uniform, but unfortunately my soldering had failed and I couldn't get the red LED's to function. Still at least it was different.

The party was good fun and the bar continued open till 1.30am, after which I went back to Tony's chalet but didn't stay for long as it was the North South Unihoc challenge at 11am. The challenge ended in a draw, but once the North Team was warmed up, the matches became a bit one sided and we played mix and match. On then for a bit of brunch with the noth crowd and then time for a mass swim at 2.30pm.