Fireman for a day 19/04/2003


An action packed day this one. After our introductory briefing it was striaght into BA training. We suited up in the full kit, and got the breathing apparatus on, then me and David were first into a pitch black series of rooms filled with smoke. We performed our search and sweep operation fairly quickly and rescued 7 of the 9 "babies".

The other teams took much longer and 4 was the best result of their searches. On then to driving the pump, I went first and the rest of the team certainly got a shock when I tested the air brakes there was an obsticle course as well involving cones, I'm not sure why all the others slowed down to get round them, were was the fun in that.

After lunch we kitted up and set off in the pumps, sirens blazing to take on a series of car fires, after succesfully dealing with those we refilled the pumps from a hydrant and then took on some rescue work. We learnt about "glass management, and got to have a go with a series of cutters on some old cars, taking the roof off one.

After another small break it was into the pumps again and off full steam sirens blazing to tackle a large fire this time, we all took turns and used about 2,000 galleons of water to finally put it out. A great day.