Black Pool Stag weekend 18/04/1997

Took a half day and went to Michael's flat in Marks Tey were Mark came and picked us up for the trip to Blackpool. We kept in touch with Richard who was on his way up on the train, via mobile and met him in the bar of the Stakis Hotel.

When we had all met up we set off for Yate's wine lodge were we had some hot wine type drink but although the place was full of hen parties and scantily clad women, we found the music was gradually deafening us. So we retreated to a Hogshead. After closing time we found that the Stakis hotel had a diso that went on till 2am.

We were woken by a phone call from Gordon to meet them at the pleasure beach. We walked the mile to the pleasure beach, which just about did Mark in, before the trip up the Tower all but finished him off.

We got to the pleasure beach and had a go on a number of the rides including the Pepsi Max big one. Time to fit in a quick beer in an underground pub before heading to the seafront and a go on the artificial bucking bulls. We also met the others here Mr Harlow and Mr Anderson and the others and nipped to a local pub for a drink.

We split up then and half of us had a curry, then myself, Jeff, Steve and Ron went on to the Yate's wine lodge, but were so stuffed from the curry that we could hardly drink.

We went then to meet the others at the Hogshead. We found that they had gone to Harry Ramsden's. Ron's brother even had a certificate for eating a huge meal. So we were all stuggling to drink being so stuffed with food, however Gordon was the worst and it was lucky that I had a Firkin sick bag with me just in case.

We had time the next day for some more goes on the amusements and a trip on the trams before heading home.