Dry Slope Weekend 21/02/1997

Rob and Michelle were good enough to give me a lift to wales for this event, and we had bacon butties at the chalet when we arrived. Had a few beers with Matthew and Chor when they arrived. Saul had a bit of a nightmare of a journey and didn't get there till quite late.

Up next day and off for some dry slope skiing. I must say the experience proved quite painful, the toe rope ripped a chunk of skin of my hand, and the boots caused my feet to bleed, add that to the bruises caused by falling over a number of times on the wet/dry ski slope, and I was in need of some liquid painkiller.

So off to the pub we ordered a meal and Maurice and Saul tried to convince the barmaids to come to a party in our chalet. They seemed distinctly uninterested until I paid for the meal with my Gold card, when their interest level suddenly shot up.

The chalet party was good, with a singalong and games. The evening finished off with Chor getting a cooking oil massage from Ann-marie. Managed to get up the next day and consolidate the skiing skills before a pub lunch and the trip back.