Social Pursuit's Easter weekend 28/03/1997

Myself and Phil met up with Matthew and immediately bought slabs of beer to take on the weekend. No problems with the trip up to Derbyshire and we met the others in the pub for a few drinks before meeting our instructors for the weekend in a schoolyard were we played a number of interesting "adventure" games, which were good fun.

Back to the manor house then for dinner and stowing our gear in the bunk rooms before heading out for a night abseil. When we got back for once most people were asleep just as well really as it was to prove a long weekend.

It was indeed an action packed weekend, managed to fit in a group raft Building session, a caving session, were Phil got stuck for a while in a very tight part. We weaseled, squeezing through small gaps and tricky problems amongst the boulders.

One problem involved doing a handstand in a tight crack then climbing upwards on just your arms. Did my shoulders ache after that one or what? Climbing in more conventional ways was also included, and even an impromptu football match were Liz the teacher showed us blokes a think or two.

The evenings were even more fun, we were given a room to ourselves by the centre to have a party and we made the most of it, drinking a lot playing games and doing forfeits. The other night we retired to one of the bunk rooms till the early hours. Unfortunate that it was to be my penultimate SP weekend.

Thanks to all those that made it such good fun, including Robin, Matthew, Phil, Dee, Amanda, Karen, Viv, Anson, Becky, Jenny, Maurice, Saul, Chor, Zoe, Andy, John Luik, John Yung, Ian, Cliff and Jo