Ian's Gloucester weekend 13/06/1997

Many thanks to Viv & Anson for the lift they gave me to the Air Ballon pub just outside Gloucester. We had a good few drinks and then back to the big farmhouse Ian had sorted out for us, of course we partied till about 3am, before crashing out to get some sleep for the big day ahead.

Up earlyish and into our sixties fancy dress. Then off on a treasure hunt, which certainly caused a few raised eyebrows amongst the locals especially when they saw Phil in his flowerpot man outfit.

After the hunt Ian had arranged a large BBQ in the gardens of a country house, this fuelled us up for some furious go-kart racing in the afternoon.

The Karts were certainly fast and myself and Phil both had spectacular crashes before we realised we needed to apply our brakes on the bends. Of course then back to the barn for our sixties party which went on till well past 4am.

Sunday was a recovery day I managed a short walk and to read some Sunday papers, whilst we all chilled out.