Hazlehead Weekend 22-25/08/1997

Another excellent weekend organised by Ian. This one was at the Hazlehead Centre near Holmfirth. We all met up at the Waggon & horses pub close to the centre. We managed to consume quite a few drinks here to get the weekend off to a good start.

Jumped up in the morning to do mountain biking followed by Climbing. In the evening we were down the Waggon & horses and we had a bit of a lock in they played good music and we were nearly all up and dancing even some on others shoulders.

Back then to the Centre were the party continued.There was even some toples table dancing, Though we were all male, and I got a bit of a bruised head from the low ceiling. Dave did a very impressive handstand as well considering the amount of drink we had consumed.

But he let all us blokes down when he got up early the next morning and took Carol a cup of tea in bed. Anyway up and up of windsurfing. I wasn't very good and the wind was pretty low, but others managed well enough. In the afternoon I canoed with john, phil, joanne, rob, petra, anson and mike which was jolly good as we went quite a long way along the river.

In the evening some of the group stayed at the centre to play games whilst I of course headed off with the pub posse. The locals were glad to see us, as we were the life and soul of the party the previous night. We played catching card games, danced and had group hugs. We walked back to the centre in the style of the Monkees in a line all across the road.

The others weren't exactly sober when we got back and we all had a group massage to ease away the aches of the day.

Monday: Myself, Dee and Matthew went for an eight mile run around the reservoir in the morning and in the afternoon Ian organised a rounders match.