Make My Day 26/04/1997

Robin had organised this event before the forthcoming legislation banned handguns. I had done the event before and I must admit that it was the fact that the guns would be banned, and I would not be able to do the event in the future that I did it again this time. However I did have a very good day.

This time we could fire semi-automatics which was different, but they were very light. I also paid to fire the Magnum 44 and shared six shots with an instuctor. He moved the target to the far limit as I had done quite well in the golden eye challenge. However I was gutted when all my 3 shots appeared to miss the target, whilst the instructor had no problem getting his 3 shots round the edge of the bull.

However the instructor had a bit of a shock when the target came back and there were 3 extra holes grouped in the centre of the bull.