Wargrave Regatta 09/08/1997

Hard work getting up at 10am after the beer festival the day before, But we managed it, and myself and Aidan set off for the Regatta and promptly got lost. Luckily for mobile phones we managed to get to the right place.

Everybody else was up in the blazing sunshine and competing on the water. Though I don't think any of our teams actually won, I believe we did come close. We had a barbecue and a good few drinks at the pub near the campsite which also had a swimming pool.

I actually got up early in the morning not sleeping to well in a tent. Wendy was up early as well and we set off into Henley and got a very nice breakfast at a hotel. We had a good few goes in the campsite pool during the day, and a good few games of pool in the pub, Myself and john versus Dave Howe and Carol.