South Downs Bike Ride 11/05/1997

Social Pursuits were responsible for this early morning which saw me heading down to Petersfield and the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, for some mountain biking. Chor gave myself and Dagmara a lift down to Hampshire and we set up to bike.

The organisers had it all sorted. There were various courses for all levels of ability, mechanics on hand to fix problems and even training sessions provided. Peter, Maurice, Amanda and Saul were with us on this event, but of course myself and Chor had to choose the toughest route, so we rode without the others. Our course consisted of 2 laps, which had one impossible hill.

The first time round Chor went first and came off at a certain point, I was determined to get further but pitched off at the same point. Second time round I led and got slightly higher before falling off. Chor then got past our earlier sticking point, but came off at exactly the same point as myself.

Despite not being able to find out who was the better mountain biker, we were not to depressed as a beer tent, food and a free t-shirt awaited us at the finish with the others.