Ace Race Cumbria  26th-27th September 1998

Basically the race consists of 3hrs of Canoeing, a 12km self guided fell run, 1-2hrs of night navigation, 2hrs of Orienteering and 5hrs of mountain bike navigation. These are spread over 2 days luckily.

- My initial description of the race was not quite right. We were only in the canoe for about 90 minutes but we covered more distance than most competitors I think because we were unable to get the hang of steering the Canadian canoe at first. After getting out with aching arms we set of on the 12km fell run. 12km metres doesn't sound to tough but the 1000metre climb included in it meant it took over 2 hours 30minutes to complete.

We were shattered after this but had to pull ourselves together after a little sleep to do the night Navigation. We had 90 minutes to run around collecting points in the darkness. We actually did really well on this one, visiting 11 of the 12 control points, but a fatal error occurred. The pen used to mark the laminated map had got seriously wet on the canoeing section and the points I had marked on the map, partially rubbed out and I clipped the wrong points so we lost all our points. Oh well, never mind.

We struggled round the 2 hours of Orienteering the next day we both had blisters from the fell run, then after 30 minutes break we set off on a 4 hour mountain bike ride, or should I say push. A lot of the course was to tough to ride. This went quite well after a bar of Kendall mint cake had been consumed, and a couple of cans of drink were purchased from a ice cream van on the way round.

A very tough weekend there were lots of cry's of never again especially after the fell run, but I hope we'll be back to compete again next year.