Center Parcs 16/01/1998

Nipped off to sudbury to meet mark and richard and michael and on to center parcs, were we met the others that Maurice had organised accomodation for.

We managed to get some bowling in, in between the drinking and then back to a chalet for a party. At 3.30am the party moved chalets and myself and Richard called it a night to save ourselves for Saturday. Mark came back later with a carpet burn on his head.

Still we were in the pool next day by eleven and spent hours in there, though I nearly drown once as I tried to go down the rapids with Joanne sitting on me, which wasn't conducive to breathing.

Later we played table tennis, badmington and pizza and chips. On again to party in the evening, and Mark and Sean collapsed about midnight, but I recall being in the adventure playground at 6am, with a pint of beer.

Still managed to get up the next day and swim some more and rather embarassingley went in the sauna when it was a women only session.