Great British Beer Festival 06/08/1999

For a number of years now myself and a number of friends have attended the Friday session of the great British Beer Festival. This year was no different and we proceeded to play the Yellow Jersey competition. The rules of which are fairly simple.

If you drink a beer of 1040 original gravity you get forty points. If you drink a half you get only 20. The person with the most points drunk at any point in time gets to wear the yellow jersey, and the person with the most points at the end of the night gets to keep it.

There is also a King of the Mountains competition for those people who prefer stronger beers and there is a handicap system so everyone can take part. I didn't keep the Yellow jersey very long this year but did manage to win the King of the mountains competition for the first time. Derek was a run away winner for the overall crown.

1999 Scores: Derek(534), Pat(515), Stuart(500), Gerard(450), me(362) Mark(303) Michael(265)

We'll be doing the same again next year. If you are thinking of coming along next year don't panic many people come along and don't enter the competition it is fine to just enjoy a few beers and watch the competitors get drunk.