25th july 1999 Downlands Challenge

Yet another scorching hot day greeted the 9am start to the Downlands Challenge. A 31 mile cross country race over the South Downs including the Ditchling Beacon, so pretty hilly. To make matters worse the organizers had only planned for 1 drink stop at the halfway point. Thankfully due to the excessive heat they agreed we could all get a cup of water at the 7.5 mile mark. I ran with graeme from work to the halfway point in 3 hours, but graeme began to suffer a bit , so I left him with my energy bars and drinks and tried to make it back alone. I managed it in 5hr33 mins coming 15th. Graeme finished in 7hrs 22 mins a very imressive showing forsomeone who has not run past 10 miles on the road before and considering nearly a 1/5th of the experienced runners had to withdraw.