London to Brighton 03/10/1999

With a certain sense of impending doom, I lined up opposite 100+ madmen and women alongside Big Ben at 7a.m. I had a certain sense of forboding that I would be either still running 10 hours later trying to get to brighton within the time limit, or lying in a ditch somewhere. However things went a bit better than expected although I was in quite a lot of pain between 25 and 30 miles, I think my body soon became to tired to register the pain anymore, and I continued to run on like some demented headless chicken that does not know it's body is dead. I even managed to run the whole way up Ditchling beacon at 47 miles, albeit at a geriatric shuffle kind of pace. 8 hours 25 minutes and 38 seconds later I arrived at the most welcoming finish line I have ever seen (and in 35th place). I am greatly indebted to the support I received from Dee along the way, who kept me fed and watered and supplied the whole way to Brighton. Also to my friends Mo and Andy who ran with me for a number of miles preventing me from falling into a coma while still running. Trevor also gave me a lot of encouragement, but not the beer he had hoped to give me as I got to the pub too early. Time for a well earned rest from running (for a few weeks at least).