Phil's Stag weekend 19/08/1999

More of an endurance event this stagnight. We started on the Thursday on a little tour of 7 pubs around the Shoreditch area, much to my surprise, as I had never been in any of them before, it turned out that a number of women decided to take their clothes off in each one. I was also very impressed when Wonder Woman turned up in a pub called Browns. Though she must have fallen on hard times after the cancellation of her TV series so I gave her 50p to help her out.

Friday night, girls were invited along for the warm up drink and we enjoyed a jolly sociable time in the redecorated Magpie and Stump, and the Old King Lud which had unfortunately turned into a hogshead with more wine than beers. A few of our number enjoyed a curry at the City Spice, but those of us who tried to have a curry after closing time were shocked to find it closed at 11pm.

Saturday morning did not see an early start but a few of us made it to the Turkish and Roman baths in York hall, the Turkish bit is not particularly warm but the Russian part is scorchingly hot. It certainly helped us work up a thirst for Saturday night and rush hour. We met as planned at the Nags Head on Upper Street and ordered our first pint of beer. The stopwatch was started and one hour later found us just failing to finish our fourth pint in another Hogshead pub. There were a few very drunk people that night, but we carried on drinking and Phil wore the Homer Simpson hat and downed the two bottles of Budweiser we attached to it. We set off by taxi then to the Aquarium but we didn't manage to get in so we went to plan b and drove on to Benjys 2000, were even more drinking was done until the inevitable kebab about 3am.

Surprisingly I managed to get everyone awake who had stayed at my flat on Sunday morning for a taxi ride to kings cross. We got there in time for a burger and far enough at the head of the queue to the church that we got a place right next to the stage. There we enjoyed some of the finest acts antipodean culture had to offer and also rescued two young ladies from the unwelcome attentions of some Italian blokes. A few more social drinks down the backpackers ended an eventful weekend.