Steve's Stag weekend 13/08/1999

A quick car journey to Swansea saw Michael, Mark and myself arrive about 8pm at the Dolphin hotel we met Richard and Steve and his friends from Bristol in the bar of the hotel and after a quick pint we set off on the town. Swansea proved quite an interesting place with a very lively nightlife.

There were a number of huge pubs, Weatherspoons, Hogshead Walkabout and Yates wine lodge. One even had a revolving centrepiece hanging from the ceiling that held 64 TV screens. There was certainly a large number of nightclubs as well and we hit a number of them as you might expect. Swansea was also notable for two other things, the large number of boob tubes on display and the large chaps that were chasing them. A little bit of trouble with a bouncer did not deter us and we continued to party hard.

Next day we recovered with a walk along the beach and a quick game of golf before heading back to the hotel to get ready to do it all again. The second night was notable for the blob we drank that helped us all recover and the singing of Tom Jones's songs. In one of the pubs, the extremely long queues for nightclubs put us off going to a second club and we had a very good curry instead.