Great British Beer Festival 04/08/2000

The Tour D'Olympia

As tradition dictates I took the day off on the first friday of August to take part in the Annual Yellow jersey competition at the Great British Beer Festival in Olympia. 11.30 am saw myself and the other competitors ordering 10 hearty breakfasts at the cafe around the corner to Olympia, it being necessary to consume essential nutrients such as bacon, eggs and sausages to fortify ourselves for the sporting ordeal ahead.
We broke from the cafe and a neat piece of manoeuvering put me in the fastest moving queque and I was first into the festival with a beer in my hand, I had also chosen the strongest beer which saw me briefly don the yellow jersey. In the first hour there was a lot of jockeying for position as Pat, Gerard, simon and Derek all worn the yellow jersey at some point. After this it became possible to ideify the serious competitiors in the two competitions, Pat and Derek were pulling away in the competition for the Yellow jersey, while I was competing with Simon to win the red jersey in the King of the mountain competition
Before we knew it the contest was decided Derek emerged clear winner with 632 points slightly down on his victory of the previous year, whilst I took the red jersey comfortably my other competitor having retired hurt, and my main rival Aidan failing to show in time to enter the fray. Quite a number of people, Barney, Pete, Aidan, Phil and Michelle arrived to late to take part in the contest but early enough to have a good night out. Next year will see myself and Derek looking to win our respective tee-shirts 3 years in a row, so we will have to get practising