Peter Lloyds 40th Birthday Weekend 19/05/2000

Pete did a Sterling job organising accomodation for 22 of us near Cromer in Norfolk. I caught a train to Norwich and cycled from there to the place for a bit of practice. We all popped along to the Greenes pub outside of Alysham and took over the place, as we squeezed the locals out of the bar. We also had a few drinks at the house afterwards as well.
     Luckily no hangover the next day and I was able to get a long bike ride in and a run, whilst the others had a trip to the seaside and a boat ride. We all met up in the evening and played with the bubble maker and water pistols that were purchased during the day. A celebration was also organised for Pete with a number of cakes and party poppers and stuff, and then we were all off to the restaurant for a very good meal. After a few more drinks back at the house after closing, it all got a bit much for Pete who decided to have a bit of a kip