Midsummer Dream Run 17/06/2000

Midummer Dream Run - 19 cross country miles, 5 pints of beer and a full cream tea

It was a gorgeous day again in Devon for the annual midsummer dream run. This was to be the 3rd time myself and Dee had done the run, and this year Graeme joined us for the first time. Dee and me were not quite match fit, and Graeme was a bit worried about the drinking of the 5 pints of beer. So we were all a bit nervous setting off, but as usual things went fine. I did however have an altercation with a bit of wire that left my knees a bit bloody, but nothing that could deter me from getting to the next pub each time. Our one regret for the day was setting out on the extra 5 miles to get an extra pint of beer on the millenium loop. Unfortunately we got lost on the loop and missed the pub so we had to be content with 5 pints of beer on the way round.