Kate's Birthday trip 09/09/2000

Kate's Birthday Roadtrip

Bit hard getting up after a night at the beer festival, but I made it for just after 8am at Liverpool St and got to Waltham cross for 9am Viv and Anson had room in there car to give me a lift to Southampton were we met Jennifer and Andy as we approached the ferry. The weather was good and we had a smooth crossing, albeit to the Isle of Wight as opposed to the originally planned destination of France. With a little bit of intuition in the navigating we soon found the Red Lion pub, highly recommended by the Good Beer Guide and the Good food Guide. The food was excellent I understand, and I got to try the local IoW beer.
We then travelled on to the the needles and took the thrilling chair lift ride to the beach, went on the X-simulator, observed the glass blowing demonstration and filled ornaments with the local highly coloured sand. We headed back for Cowes at this point which seemed to be full of teams for the BT Global Challenge and we did a little window shopping before settling on the first restaurant we saw which had a good view of the harbour. (Though it did have a very hairy Chef). After a quick pint we crossed the floating bridge and getting to the front of the queque for the ferry we popped into the pub were Kate demonstrated a surprising talent for Pool. I swapped cars for the journey back to London which was very quick and was lucky enough to get a lift from John practically to my doorstep.