Mark's 40th Birthday Bash 13/07/2000

Mark's 40th

The morning of the event saw myself and Mark using our considerable engineering talents in constructing garden heaters and blowers in the anticpation of cold and wet weather that had been forecast. I would say our our efforts were successful enough to significantly add to the global warming problem as we constructed devices capable of melting polar ice caps. We also constructed a very large awning in Jeff's garden, at least at the second attempt when we had convinced the shop to give us all the pieces.
The good news is that our efforts were to a certain extent in vain as it failed to rain, and although the weather did get chilly I felt myself more in danger of heat stoke from the overhead heater than of catching a chill. It certainly was a professionally catered affair with beer and lager on tap, and Jeff wheeling out Stephenson's Rocket to supply the barbecue
The tube also saw an appearance which it hadn't done for a while and a jolly good time was had by all with a very good speech by Mark towards the end which was far too soon in coming, though the coach trip home had it's memorable moment's