Xmas Pub Crawl 23/12/2000

Mark as usual did a very good job organising this year's Xmas Pubcrawl. For the first time we toured Bury St Edmunds. We also started a bit earlier which gave Michael and me a chance to have our yearly game of pool in the first pub.

A highlight of the pubcrawl was our arrival at the Nutshell, probably the smallest pub in Britain. When the twelve of us arrived we easily trippled their custom, and filled the pub to capacity. It was just a shame that none of us were able to get a kiss under the mistletoe that was hanging from the remains of a human leg.

On and on we drank, till finally we got to the last pub and the Taxi's arrived to take us away, which was a great shame as I was talking to Liz Hurley and her very attractive friend at the time. (My perception may have been a little affected by the amount of beer I had consumed). However, I derived great consolation from the fact that the Taxi's were taking us to Long Melford's premiere curry house, were we ordered far more curry than we could possibly eat. A traditional end to one of the finest Xmas traditions, the Xmas pubcrawl.