Backpacking trip  09/02/2001

We were just out for a quiet drink, Myself, Phil and Mathew. We intended to check out the backpackers arms near Kings Cross, as we had carelessly missed celebrating either Australia or New Zealand day it was time for some antipodean entertainment.

Myself and Phil passed a bit of time in the local pubs before rendevouzing with Matthew at the backpackers at 8pm. They charged us a fiver to get in, but then we found out there were free drinks till 10pm. It seemed churlish not to take advantage of it, and so a fair few drinks were sunk before the 10pm deadline. We then decided to sample a local delicacy, the Green Death, whose contents I don't wish to remember.

After this it was time to have a little rest and so we took a seat, but found people forced more alcohol into us when we did this. Luckily we had to leave early at midnight, or we would probably have become slightly intoxicated.