The Church  24/06/2001

Felt quite fresh for once on a Sunday morning as I had been in Nottingham on SWAT training the day before and so got back late to London and had not been out. So to make up for it I got to Kings cross for 11am and with the help of Matthew and Angela, set out to correct my overly sober situation, There should of been a number more on this trip, but of course Stuey was injured, and others had hangovers, or just couldn't get out of bed (no stamina these people)

Probably just as well we were a compact group and non of us being the easily offended type, as it was very crowded in the church and very drunken, well that was true of the queue as well, were we polished of a number of cans to get ourselves into the mood for church. Believe me this is a necessary prepatory ritual to get yourself on the same "plane" as other churchgoers.

We drank, sang chatted to strange women and men and watched various others, professional and amateur, disrobe. This was more difficult than it sounds as we spent a lot of time looking at the ceiling as numerous cans of Fosters were entering our throats.

Four hours passed in a flash, but it was only a short but taxing stagger to the Backpackers were the party continued, or was that escalated. I remember taking quite a lot of pictures here, but there were even more pictures of myself were I do not remember doing the things that they show me doing. Oh dear! I am afraid I have had to heavily censor the photos above for fear of being rated as an unwholesome site.

Thankfully I think my companions memories of my actions were as vague as my own. I eventually woke up in a tube at South Ealing and had to make my way home from there which took some time, but the bits of the day I remember were unmissable. Unfortunately the bits I can't remember were probably even more so.