The Church  01/07/2001

There comes a time when all men must do there duty and this time it was Phil Cunningham's turn to stand up and be best man. So of course what better place to end a Stag weekend than at the church. After ending up so far down the queue the previous week we overcompensated, and found ourselves at the front of the queue. This enabled us to get a very good position near the stage, and surprise surrise I met some women from the previous week, who I had taken a picture of but could not remember them, unfortunately they remembered me, which was ominous, but ubfortunately they could confirm that I hadn't done anything I needed to apologise for. Our ranks were then swelled by Preeti, Jeanette and Jo who had a rrived a little late, but quickly managed to get into the swing of things.

My friends from last week proved an awesome double act on stage, and I met a number of orintal ladies on the way to the backpackers, who proved very photogenic. The last thing I remember was us all pouring beer over each other, and then it all gets blurry again, until I woke up luckily at Stepney green. I think I need to give the church a rest for a while, but then again how often do I ever listen to my own advice.