Great British beer festival 3/8/2001

This was my twelth time in a row at the Great British Beer Festival competing in the Yellow Jersey competition. In all that time only in the last two years had I managed to win the Red Jersey for King of the Mountains.

This year I decided "no guts, no glory" so I went for broke and attempted to win the Yellow Jersey. This involved more tactical drinking. Low strengths beers consumed in down-in-ones to get bonus points. At the start many people took the yellow jersey, Derek, Steve, Gerard, and Phil especially proved a tough competitor.

Eventually the serious competitors emerged, Derek had opted to compete for the Red jersey and had a convincing lead. Phil however was challenging for the Yellow jersey he looked strong for most of the competition, but the stronger beers he had consumed eventually took their toll and he had to retire, leaving me the eventual winner of the yellow jersey. I must say I am very grateful to Aidan for coming along and getting me back to pub night and home in one piece.