Mike's 40th Birthday  21/04/2001

Slightly delayed (363 days to be exact) we celebrated Mike's 40th Birthday. Due to the party being in Great warley and the difficulty in traveling home the next day due to the London Marathon, I decided to drive. So for once I was totally sober at a party. The only real differnce I noticed was a bit of stomach ache caused by drinking too many soft drinks. I always knew non alcoholic drinks couldn't be good for you.

Mike had certainly made an effort to prepare for the party, even to the extent of taking the wallpaper of the walls to avoid stains. We certainly had a good time at the party, it was a good thing that Mike's neighbours were away, considering the noise we were making. So much so in fact that Mike was visited about 2am by people from a 25th birthday party that had already finished. Obviously the youngsters had little stamina compared to ourselves.