Nick O'Donnel's Weekend  04/05/2001

Nick did an excellent job in organising this weekend. I got there early to the Stonecroft Hostel in LLandrid Wells. We had the hostel to ourselves thanks to foot and mouth disease, but we weren't to be defeated as we travlled to afan aryid on the Saturday, to use their off road centre. The morning saw us using the specially designed off-road track, which was challenging but very enjoyable. Nick as usual had a few problems with his bike, but we were never delayed too long.

The afternoon had us driving round a course which had slightly more of a road element, which was just as well, as we chose a route with a very testing climb. We did have lovely sunshine though for a ride by the river.

Very tired when we got back, but Joanne's excellent meal helped pick us all up, even my contribution (peeling the veg) couldn't ruin such good fayre. Then down the pub for an evening of beer, pool and darts. What more could you want?

Except another day of the same, Sunday saw us ride more on road, but it was certainly a bit of an epic lots of hills, including a 25% one.

We were also treated with stunning scenery, unfortunately it was a little colder than the previous day, and after an energy zapping peloton burst with Leon, I found myself getting colder and colder, till my hands went numb and I couldn't stay on the bike. I managed too recover a bit after a lie down and rejoined the others who had waited for me. Nick was then good enough to give me some of his Mars bar, and Mark lent me his coat. These were enough to get me home.

We ate in the pub that night and Chris entertained his fanclub of about 16 female Danish students with his guiter. Whilst we played more pool and darts. All in all an excellent evening especially as my team of Joanne and myself was undefeated at pool.