Rob Wilson's Birthday Bash  30/06/2001

I unfortunately missed last years party at Rob's due to a sporting engagement but had heard all the about the bouncy castle and the water fights, and was eager to attend this year. Myself and Stuey got there early especially so that Stuey could injure himself on the castle before the majority of people arrived,

Unfortunately being early meant there were less targets for the bitey things in the garden, which I assume the locals of Ickleford are immune to, but were deadly to soft londener type skin. However we found if we didn't stand to close to Stuey's bright Hawaiin shirt we weren't bothered as much.

There were certainly some impressive if not substantial Hawaiin costumes on display and the number of grass skirts must have made those with hayfever nervous. Very impressive turnout and a number of "mass" bounces ensued. I tried in desperation to do a backflip all night, but failed.

It certainly was a very tiring party with all the bouncing, and after a while you would just end up collapsing in a heap. As we bounced into the night our gracious host Rob was kind enough to bring us a duvet out so we we didn't get cold whilst building up enough strength to bounce again.

But eventually it got so dark we couldn't see were we were bouncing, so we had to go in doors and drink/eat vodka jelly and dance till the early hours, in an effort to annoy the inhabitants of Ickleford as much as possible I imagine.