Michelle's Round the World Pubcrawl 14/04/2001

An early start for this pub crawl, we met at the wheatherspoons pub just outside angel Tube for noon. Michelle had done a wonderful job of organising the day and supplied us all with a small booklet containing the flags of the appropriate countries with details of the relevant drinks for that country on the back. So for instance for England you could have Beer, Gin, Pimms and Cider.

We progressed nicely through

America: Budweisr, Jack daniels, Southern Comfort

Australia: Fosters, Steine, Wine

Ireland: Jamieson, Guinness

Thinks got tricky when we got to Mexico as this involved Tequila shooters urgh! and Corona, Then France involved Hoegarden beer, which was rather expensixe at 4 per pint and unsensibly strong. There was certainly some evidence of inebriation amongst our numbers now, and some people took the easier options of either pernod, Cognac or wine.

We wandered on with some difficulty then to "Paradise" where we had cocktails, I vaguely recall a Monkey Gland being involved. I do then recall our walk to the final Russian pub as some of our troop found this too difficult, and ended up on the pavement in a heap. Some people had to default to diet coke at this final pub instead of the prescribed Vodka shots or Smirnoff Mule. I do clearly recall that my shooter had gold leaf in it, Thankfully I can't recall what it cost. Those of us who hadn't done a disapperaing act by then either went for a curry or headed back to the Walkabout, the australian pub.

I doubt anybody would be surprised to learn that I didn't take the eating option. In hindsight this may have been a far more sensible option, as the drinks in the walkabout finally pushed me over the edge and I can only just recall staggering home like a man on a mission with no recolection of leaving the pub. The next morning when I woke up in bed the wrong way round I was very glad to have escaped a hangover, I know one of our number was certainly not as lucky.