Sejal's meal at Souk  1/12/2001

Sejal again organised a great venue for a meal. The Souk restaurant in Litchfield rd, near cambridge circus was our destination this time. I arrived a little early which enabled me to get some unobstructed shots of the unusual Decor in the restaurant.

As well as the unusual decor the food was very different as well, I wouldn't attempt to describe it as I am far from an expert in food matters, but I certainly enjoyed it, you got a good selection of dishes and it was reasonably priced. So I would certainly recommend it.

The only advice I would offer is take some thick socks if you go in winter and end up sitting near the door. After the meal we still had time for a couple of drinks in the All Bar One at Cambridge Circus, and then some of us moved on to the vodka bar near Holborn Tube.

This certainly was interesting and I think I was very lucky that they closed the bar at 11pm as I had just got it into my head to "drink a rainbow" by going through the different coloured vodkas. As it was I only managed red, green and Blue.